Cassino Building & Development is one of the leading building and development companies in Michigan dedicated to world-class craftsmanship with efficient and proactive client relations. Over the years, we have identified several respective markets that we find we capitalize in. One of those niche markets is the development of dental facilities. In fact, Cassino is one of the most sought after contractors for building and developing many different kinds of dental facilities!

The team here at Cassino will always pledge to deliver results that consistently meets your requirements as well as prolonging the life and value of your dental facility. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have an unmatched dedication in construction management that ensures your new dental facility is invested in form, function, quality, and world-class craftsmanship.


Here at Cassino, we seek to make your dream a reality! The first step in that process is defining what it is you seek in your new dental office facility.  Cassino is your partner in identifying style as well as the architectural design of your new facility.  Be assured that our team is here with you every step of the way.


Once we have identified the expectations, Cassino will help mold those expectations into game plan for building and development.  This step considers the overall costs and budget for each phase of development, paving the way for creating a new space truly representative of you and your dream.


After the tailoring of the game plan has been completed, finding a contractor that meets the needs of your new facility is paramount.  Whether you are undergoing renovations at your current practice, moving your practice, or working from the ground-up on a new dental office, Cassino is always by your side!


From the beginning planning discussions to the finishing touches, Cassino is committed to creating the space you have always envisioned!  That precisely means going above and beyond what you could have imagined in the first place! Along with the highest quality materials for a world-class aesthetic, Cassino thrives on developing relationships, as well. A more interpersonal, committed team just doesn’t exist!

From current practice renovations to envisioning a whole new dental facility, Cassino is experienced in, but not limited to, developing the following facilities:
- General Dentistry
- Cosmetic Dentistry
- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
- Orthodontists
- Endodontists
- Diagnostic & Preventive Dental Facilities
- & Test Laboratories


Lake Orion Family Dental
Oakland County, MI
Regiani Holistic Dental Center
Oakland County,
42732 Van Dyke Avenue
Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314
(586) 323-4462
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